...Storm Computing Systems Inc., a privately-held company, has a business model  based on supplying hosted, custom-designed, turn-key 'online service hubs' to larger organizations with multiple offices and/or layers. Our clients and partners want to offer multiple real-world online services to their members and customers within their hub, at below the usual costs and within the parameters of strong security and reliability. Some of Storm's ongoing partnerships are over a decade old - a testament to partner structures that are genuinely 'win-win', as well as to the consistent performance of Storm-designed and -managed applications. 


[[ Storm retains all relevant Intellectual Property rights and often has sole-source supplier status. Storm also makes select venture investments with some partner organizations, and in some cases it owns exclusive operating licenses of related applications service programs. In addition to industry-specific and regional partnerships, two prominent global partnerships of Storm are with: 

[[ the > World Chambers Network (WCN, a trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce) for the official hub for the world's largest business organization, and 

[[ the > World-Ecommerce.com group, with that hub being significantly expanded in the spring of 2011
> contact us if you would like to discuss your partnership opportunities with us.