...Storm's online backbone application services for multi-layered membership organizations (4 software families) feature:

  hosted, custom-designed membership database systems with integrated front-office web design
[[  ability to create near-infinite number of markets and clusters within data based on any one or more
     data points
[[  social media for business features
[[  bid/ask - demand/supply features (i.e. for outsourcing, business opportunities, trade leads,
     contract 'bid and ask', labour market / job banks)
[[  multi-layered back-office administration allowing different layers of administration
[[  data mining with custom-defined cross-referencing by administrators
[[  built-in mailing systems based on custom data search results for administrators  


'eVault' electronic repositories & secure trade venues
(3 software families) offer:

[[  multiple layers of high-level encryption, bit-streaming
[[  automatic date coding and checking of duplicates
[[  issuance of digital certificates,  auto-notarization features for 'element of proof'